Our Instructors

The instructors at Eastern Shore Yoga bring a strong and diverse depth of knowledge to the classes we offer. Our diverse backgrounds allow students to practice yoga with insights from complimentary perspectives. Teachers are usually available after classes to answer individual questions, and all of the teachers (when available) offer private instruction upon request.
DEW-Imagery-5751Deedee McCue, Owner of Eastern Shore Yoga, recently completed her 500h certification with Body Balance Yoga and Yoga Therapy and is continuing further certification. Her 200h certification Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Divine Light was completed in June of 2011. A passionate and perpetual student, Deedee is a practitioner of The Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga and its integrated holistic system for the body, mind and inner spirit.

Deedee teaches how to tap into your inherent joy, strength and stability while bringing balance to the body and mind by leading classes with attention to therapeutic ailment through heart-centered instruction. She wishes to help all her students form a strong practice that accommodates their individual needs and limitations.

Students learn how to have better posture, deeper breath and increased circulation, strength and stamina with the intention to be a stronger more radiant and joyful being. Deedee is incredibly grateful for the impact yoga has had in all areas of her life and wishes to share its astonishing benefits with others.

Deedee offers Stand-Up Paddleboard(SUP) on-going classes, private and group lessons and excursions, with Wahe SUP. She is a Certified Level 2 Paddle Fit Instructor and World Paddle Association Certified. Contact her via Facebook for more info on SUP instruction.



profile picMeet Sabitri Baker, a massage therapist at ESY. As a massage therapist with a background as a transplant RN, I offer a unique blend of traditional medical training along with a vast variety of complementary healing modalities in an attempt to heal others.  This enables me to create a safe and comforting environment addressing sessions on a spectrum aimed at pure relaxation theraputic holistic therapy that can include the medical, rehabilitative and emotional needs of my clients.  

Blending my background in education, bodywork, and counseling, I call my style of work integrative bodywork.  I believe that learning through and from our body gives us essential grounding and self awareness needed for lasting transformation.

Read more and book an appointment with Sabitri!




12144829_10153761183468933_4344250988682606465_nElizabeth Bohaker M.A. is a Reiki Master and spiritual healer. After receiving her B.A. degree at Davis & Elkins College, she went on to complete her Masters degree in Clinical Psychology at Washington College in Chestertown, MD. Her clinical experience includes six years working with both adolescents and adults as an addictions counselor for the state of MD, as well as work in a setting specializing in developmental disabilities.

Elizabeth has always been intrigued and drawn to the more Holistic healing modalities and Integrative medicine. She has studied various spiritual traditions and healing art forms and is now able to utilize these tools she has developed to help people reach their optimum health; teaching them how to heal from within.

“As a counselor I have always taken time to listen and consider the whole person with his or her own uniqueness. I implement individually tailored treatment sessions to restore health and wellbeing.”



1255Ray Davis is a husband of thirty years, and a father of three grown children. A soon to be grand-father and the best friend to an eighty pound American Bulldog named Lola.
Ray was drawn to Yoga in a desperate attempt to ease back pain and in doing so found a love and respect for the ancient practice. He has a deep love for nature, and that connection to all life that surrounds us. It was that love for nature that led him to study at Sky House Yoga in Silver Spring MD, a nature based Yoga studio. There he first completed a thirty hour immersion in Ayurveda ” the science of life” and then most recently completed the 200 hour Yoga teacher certification. Ray strives to bring an earthy feel to his classes along with a sense of humor and a lot of positive reinforcement.



FullSizeRenderEleanor Denegre began studying and practicing Yoga as a teenager to build strength and grounding for her career in theater and dance as a performer and a Theater Specialist at the NEA. Her practice cultivates resilience, stillness, and focus within the “noise” of daily life and her inquiry is how to create freedom and joy within the constraints of desks and schedules. Eleanor is a 500-hour Kripalu Professional Teacher and a certified Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher, Nosara Yoga Institute. She studied Yoga with Swami Neeladevananda and corporeal expression with French artist Etienne Decroux and with theater artists Henryk Tomaszewski and Jerzy Grotowski as a Kosciuszko Foundation Fellow in Poland. She has been honored to teach at the Athenaeum Gallery in Alexandria, VA, C2 Fitness, and the Justice Department for over 17 years in Washington, D.C.




11822713_10207641414778378_6640946019834774610_nBrandy Frampton has worked in addictions, mental health and as a school counselor. She has a master’s degree in counseling. She studies Kundalini Yoga under her teachers, Harijiwan Singh Khalsa and Tej Kaur Khalsa, in Los Angeles, California, both of whom studied under Yogi Bhajan for over three decades.
“I didn’t practice yoga regularly until I found Kundalini Yoga.  I saw immediately how transformational it was and, with a busy life with three children, I also found that it was something that is so efficient and so powerful.  One of the many things that I love about Kundalini Yoga is that there is no beginner, intermediate or advanced classes. It is all about the individual’s experience. It has brought a new awareness into every aspect of my life. This yogic science has helped me to become healthy, happy and whole.”


A local to the Eastern Shore, Mary Gellen spent the last 3 years being guided by dreams, circumstance, and synchronism around the country to different spiritual teachers.

She spent many months training with the Sivananda yoga lineage at an ashram and recently received her 200hr RYT with Sri Dharma Mittra in Manhattan. 

Naturally inclined to psychic exploration, Mary’s major loves and teachers are meditation and yoga nidra. She discovered that with ashtanga yoga as her backbone, a sonic meditation practice was the most inclusive of people at any level of experience or interest. Music and sound have proved to be some of the strongest healing allies on her path and have lead her to teachers all over the country. Mary’s practice is always expanding as new information is “downloaded” and integrated into being. Tapping into her own roots in sound has opened up an ability to listen deeply, a quality she hopes to help open in others. Healing, mastery, and realization of the Self are all compounded with the cultivation of deep listening.



PaulphotoPaul Gilmore, PhD, is a retired high school teacher who also taught in college and industry. He received his 200 hour yoga teacher certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellness in Stockbridge, MA, under the direction of Larissa Hall Carlson and Cristie Newhart. At Kripalu, he aligned himself with their philosophy of inclusiveness regardless of limitations or abilities. His knowledge of health and wellness helps students listen to their bodies, practicing yoga with ahimsa, the yogic philosophy of practice without judgment. He experienced both a spiritual and physical transformation through yoga and would like to help others gain the clarity to discover their authentic selves, finding peace and well-being.





12715560_10207113315410087_1475448287499782376_nAlways a student and devoted fan of ESY, Kara Miller returns to teaching to share her love of yoga and heartfelt belief that its benefits are accessible to everyone. Kara recently completed her 200 hour certification with Amazing Yoga, a Baron Baptiste power yoga studio affiliate. Kara came to yoga almost ten years ago for relief from back pain and fell in love with the physical challenge and mental calm that accompanied her practice.
A practicing attorney, Kara learned that yoga can help us balance our busy lives by taking care of ourselves. Her life forever changed for the by the spirit of “connectedness” when people gather to share yoga together. Kara feels inspired when she witnesses a new student “catch the yoga bug” and looks forward to working again with students of all levels.






Heather Mir, 200 hour Certified and Licensed Ashaya Yoga® Teacher, took her first yoga class in the late 90s and absolutely fell in love.  There was something so empowering about syncing breath with body movement that was unlike any other form of exercise she had experienced before.  Her initial exposure was through books, dvds, and cable network programs and eventually expanded to local community outlets.  Over the next dozen or so years she maintained her personal practice as she pursued a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Accounting and then embarked on her professional accounting career. 

In 2015, she realized she wanted to deepen her personal practice and share her love of yoga with others.  Her 200 hour Ashaya Yoga® teacher training with Todd Norian, founder of Ashaya Yoga®, provided her with the guidance for her personal practice as well as the structure required to guide students mindfully.  Ashaya Yoga® is an alignment based method that teaches you how to return to your heart and to your true nature.





Leslie Orndoff is a mother of three, a writer, and a fitness instructor. She found yoga five years ago and soon realized how much it enhanced her already strict fitness regime. She also felt its profound effect on not only her physical but mental well- being. Because of its deep effect on her she sought to obtain her 200-hour certification so she could help people improve and enhance their lives through the practice of yoga. She learned the Iyengar style of yoga, and through its emphasis on proper alignment, incorporates the other limbs of yoga into her practice and teaching.

“It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar




10915259_1632612036961505_6186483142226412660_nDeborah Pulzone, RYT, began her committed yoga journey more than 25 years ago when she began practicing the Iyengar style. She later underwent her teacher training in Anusara. During her many years of teaching she has incorporated both of these disciplines which are firmly rooted in the importance of body alignment. When we keep our bodies in alignment we can move more deeply into the poses with less threat of hurting ourselves.

It is also her belief that proper alignment allows our breath and energy to move more freely through our bodies creating a deeper opening in our hearts and, this integration of body, mind and spirit should be approached as an exploration filled with lightness and curiosity.




E4A891D8-6ECC-4D7D-8907-FD00E59C8629While Jenn has been practicing yoga on-and-off for about five years, she fell in love with the beauty of caring for your body and soul through asana and meditation last summer in a cow field at an off-grid camp in the middle of Kentucky. There she discovered the power of both movement and stillness to help herself heal during a time of loss and grief.

Jenn came home knowing that she needed to create a space for others to have their own experience and immediately enrolled in Red Lila School of Yoga in Baltimore, Maryland. Studying under Lindsay Lusignea and Kate Manchester, she developed the tools to create space for others while also challenging them to strengthen their mind-body connection.





Guest Teachers

image2-1Susanna Comfort’s journey with yoga began in a dance class in college, where elements of yoga were incorporated in the course structure. After returning home, she discovered ESY and found Deedee McCue, who inspired her to create her own practice. Forever a lover of movement and wellness, she recently graduated from Asheville Yoga Center under Stephanie Keach in Asheville, NC with her 200 hr certification. She is inspired by many styles – Iyengar, Ashtanga, Yin, and Alignment, but is especially drawn to creating heat and awakening energy in the body while simultaneously opening, with meditation and centering as the basis for all motion.
She writes, “I want to share the healing and transformation yoga has brought to me with others. Yoga is not simply the shapes we make with our body, but the journey we begin to remind ourselves of who we truly are.”


jhodge1Jennifer Hodge become interested in yoga as a functional way to maintain strength and flexibility to augment her dance training, to support her passion for endurance training, and to rejuvenate from the world of corporate investment.
Jennifer realized what a vital role yoga plays in maintaining a healthy mind and body, which led to her complete her 200 hour yoga certification course with LifePower Yoga in Columbia, MD.
“I am passionate about guiding students to find new strength and energy and peace of mind in their own practice. Through supporting students as they flow according to their own breath and reach their greatest potential on the mat, my hope is for them to find their own inspiration to take what they accomplish on the mat, and take out to their lives. My approach is a pragmatic one to guide student to their goals, whether they be increased strength and flexibility to support training goals, increased potential to find focus and contentment in the face of all the ups and downs that are inevitable to life, or simply to take an hour to relax and to do something excellent for their mind and body so that they can refresh enjoy the wonderful serenity only yoga can provide.”
In addition to yoga, Jennifer is a lifelong dancer and belly dance teacher, and also an enthusiastic group fitness instructor. “I hope you will join me in finding the shining delight in your day through your yoga practice.”


12274571_10101182540955393_9132901431699434300_nAnna Sierra completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Charm City Yoga in December 2015. She discovered yoga when a power yoga class fit in her gym schedule, and ten years later student has taken the journey to become a teacher. As a professional in EMS and disaster management, Anna recognizes the important role that yoga can play in stress reduction, focus, and channeling positive energy into difficult situations.

As a long-time athlete, Anna has always enjoyed being part of a community that celebrates health, wellness, and overall happiness through movement. Her training at Charm City Yoga in Baltimore, Maryland under the renowned Kim Manfredi has opened her eyes to the world outside of asana, including the role of meditation and practicing the yamas and the niyamas in daily life. Anna looks forward to growing as a teacher in her community in Easton. Her vinyasa classes emphasize the grace and strength of the human body, and the yoga traditions that can carry an individual beyond the asanas into daily life.

New Teachers Wanted

We are reaching out to yoga teachers near and far to come to Eastern Shore Yoga and share their love, talents, styles, passion and wisdom of yoga with us. Contact us for more information!