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While Jenn Swaine has been exploring her yoga practice on-and-off for about five years, she fell in love with the beauty of caring for your body and soul through asana and meditation summer 2017 in a cow field at an off-grid camp in the middle of Kentucky. There she discovered the power of both movement and stillness to help herself heal during a time of loss and grief. Jenn came home knowing that she needed to create a space for others to have their own experience and immediately enrolled in Red Lila School of Yoga in Baltimore, Maryland. Studying under Lindsay Lusignea and Kate Manchester, she developed the tools to create space for others while also challenging them to strengthen their mind-body connection.

Jenn enjoys incorporating the use of intuitive movement into her classes with space for each student to explore their own personal practice while still finding the structure of a traditional flow.

Join Jenn on Sundays at 9AM for Mixed-Level Flow & 10:30AM for Restore & Slow Flow, Wednesdays at 7:30PM for Candlelight Slow Flow, & Fridays at 2PM for Power Flow

Elizabeth Bohaker

Join Elizabeth on Wednesdays at 12PM for Grounding & Revitalizing Flow

Eleanor Denegre began studying and practicing yoga as a teenager to build strength and grounding for her career in theater and dance as a performer and a Theater Specialist at the NEA. Her practice cultivates resilience, stillness, and focus within the “noise” of daily life and her inquiry is how to create freedom and joy within the constraints of desks and schedules. Eleanor is a 500-hour Kripalu Professional Teacher and a certified Interdisciplinary Yoga Teacher, Nosara Yoga Institute.

She studied Yoga with Swami Neeladevananda and corporeal expression with French artist Etienne Decroux and with theater artists Henryk Tomaszewski and Jerzy Grotowski as a Kosciuszko Foundation Fellow in Poland. She has been honored to teach at the Athenaeum Gallery in Alexandria, VA, C2 Fitness, and the Justice Department for over 17 years in Washington, D.C.

Join Eleanor on Mondays at 12PM for Pilates Mat/ Yoga, every other Tuesday at 10:15AM for Gentle Yoga & Thursdays at 10:15AM for Gentle Yoga

Yoga for 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) with Jay Frost

This class / meeting is held once a month and open to anyone dealing with addictive behavior, their own or others in their life. The focus of the first half of our meeting is a open discussion / sharing format based on the 12-step process of addiction. Following this we will engage in a short Kundalini Yoga practice including meditation / gong.

All are welcome!


Questions please call Jay directly: 410-310-7623

Next Y12SR: Stay tuned

Hamilton Arjuna Garces is a New Jersey Native and Marine Veteran with 3 tours, including Afghanistan. After 4 years of service, it wasn’t easy living with PTSD after combat. Seeking the mental & physical benefits of yoga, he took on Teacher training at Integral Yoga Institute Fairlawn, NJ – certifying for more than 200 hours studying Asana & Pranayama including intensive training at Yogavilla in Buckingham, VA. Hamilton is also a Healing Arts Practitioner utilizing the Native American Flute, Didgeridoo, Crystal singing Bowls, Throat singing and tuning forks.

Private sessions available – contact ESY or Hamiltongarces91@hotmail.com 

Join Hamilton Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays at 9AM for a Traditional Hatha Yoga practice

Paul Gilmore, PhD, is a retired high school teacher who also taught in college and industry. He received his 200-hour yoga teacher certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Wellness in Stockbridge, MA, under the direction of Larissa Hall Carlson and Cristie Newhart. At Kripalu, he aligned himself with their philosophy of inclusiveness regardless of limitations or abilities. His knowledge of health and wellness helps students listen to their bodies, practicing yoga with ahimsa, the yogic philosophy of practice without judgment. He experienced both a spiritual and physical transformation through yoga and would like to help others gain the clarity to discover their authentic selves, finding peace and well-being.

Join Paul on Mondays at 5:30PM for Men’s Yoga

Brittany Harris is excited to bring over seven years of personal training experience to the mat. She is currently completing her 200-hour teacher training through Yogaworks. With her solid foundation in anatomy and physiology, her classes will focus on core strength and the proper alignment of each pose.

Join Brittany on Wednesdays at 6PM for Align & Flow (Level 1 Yoga), Fridays at 11:30AM for Mixed- Level Flow & Saturdays at 11AM for Beginner Yoga

Jaclyn Lang began practicing yoga while finishing her Exercise Science degree at Salisbury University. At the time, her goal was to increase focus and flexibility, while balancing certain problem areas of her body that resulted from playing elite collegiate soccer. The practice of asana opened Jaclyn’s curiosity into mind-body connection, pranayama, and self care.

During her profound studies at Hari Om Yoga School in Costa Rica with Massimo Monti and Jun Lee overlooking the Caribbean, Jaclyn discovered how to embrace pure life in her teachings, enlivening the muscles and supporting the fascinating anatomical structure. Jaclyn is passionate through authentic living, holistic nourishment, simplicity, and exploration. Her Vinyasa classes reflect this as she aims to lead you through a dynamic sequence, focusing on alignment to reveal inner strength and cultivating peaceful awareness.

Join Jacky on Tuesdays at 6:15PM for Mixed- Level Flow

Lisa Marshall, an Eastern Shore native, found her love for yoga in Ocean City, Maryland at YogaVibes. In January 2019 she returned to YogaVibes to enroll in their 200 hour YTT and is scheduled to graduate in June 2019. Lisa has been teaching Yoga Fit for two years and has loved expanding her yoga knowledge base so that she can share it with her students. She believes that yoga has that special something that everyone is searching for in their life. “Whether it’s physical, emotional, or spiritual, you can find what you need on your mat.”

Join Lisa on Thursdays at 5:30PM for Hot Power Flow & the third Friday of every month at 6PM for Rejuvenate, Yin, & Tea Yoga

Deedee McCue is the owner of Wahe SUP. She is is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. She completed her Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Divine Light in June of 2011. She is a passionate and perpetual student and practitioner of The Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga and its integrated holistic system for the body, mind and inner spirit.

Deedee teaches how to tap into your inherent joy, strength and stability while bringing balance to the body and mind by leading classes with attention to therapeutic ailment through heart centered instruction. She wishes to help all her students form a strong practice that accommodates their individual needs and limitations.

Students learn how to have better posture, deeper breath and increased circulation, strength and stamina with the intention to be a stronger more radiant and joyful being. Deedee is incredibly grateful for the impact yoga has had in all areas of her life and wishes to share its astonishing benefits with others.

Join Deedee every other Tuesday for: Mixed-Level Flow at 8:30AM & Gentle Yoga at 10:15AM

Kara Miller came to yoga for relief from back pain years and decided to make yoga her primary source of fitness for both mind and body. Kara completed her 200-hour yoga training at Amazing Yoga, a Baron Baptiste power affiliate. She strives to make her classes challenging yet accessible to all ages and flexibility levels. Kara teaches a vinyasa style flow, in which movement is connected by the breath, emphasizing modifications to enhance student experience.

Join Kara on Saturdays at 9AM for Mixed-Level Flow

Denise Nathanson attended her first yoga class in 2007 at the encouragement of a friend. After the six week intro she knew this was a path she needed to follow and continued to practice with a focus on alignment primarily with teachers from the Iyengar and Anusara traditions. As she and her husband traveled the east coast by boat she was able to experience many different styles of yoga and many different teachers and studios. In 2015 she made the commitment to doing her 200 hour teacher training at Shakti Yoga in Key West. Upon completion of the program she was invited to teach at Shakti where she continued to do so while in Key West. While in Maryland she was invited to teach for Eastern Shore Yoga and is pleased to be back on the schedule. Teaching is her passion and she brings creativity and laughter into each yoga class. She strives to combine graceful movement connected to the 7breath while focusing on alignment . Balance work is always included with the intention of bringing yoga off the mat and into the world of daily life. She feels deeply honored to share her passion for yoga with others and to help guide students along their own journey.

Join Denise every other Tuesday at 8:30AM for Mixed-Level Flow

Leslie Orndoff encourages her students to grow their yoga roots, and get flexible and strong in body mind and spirit!

Keep an eye out for future offerings from Leslie!

Deborah Pulzone has been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching for 15 years. Her inquiry began with the Iyengar style where she studied at Unity Woods Yoga in Washington, D.C. This style of yoga is based on learning proper alignment of the body allowing students to move more deeply into the poses with less threat of injury. As her yoga practiced deepened so did her meditation. Through this modality she discovered the limitless benefits of moving within ourselves; ranging from the peacefulness of less stress to the ability to understand ourselves on a more intimate level, allowing for personal growth. In her desire to combine the benefits of both, her momentum lead her to the Anusara style of hatha yoga. This style continues the principles of alignment but also adds a heart centered approach, giving focus to mindfulness and self-nourishment. Her 200-hour teacher training was done at Willow Street Yoga in Silver Spring, MD. Deborah’s current practice is based on the fruition of all her studies and contains the fluidity of newly emerging discoveries, both personal and professional.

Join Deborah on Thursdays at 8AM for Level 2 Yoga

A native of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Matt Wood fell in love with yoga after taking his first yoga class during the summer of 2017 in Ocean City, MD. After attending his first class, Matt wondered how he could incorporate his passion for dance and music into yoga. After attending his first Buti Yoga class in the winter of 2017, Matt found his true calling. Buti is the artform of traditional yoga that infuses cardio, core and tribal dance into a dynamic flow. Matt completed his Buti Yoga certification under the direction of Master Trainer, Becky Kain, receiving his certification in January 2018. Matt is inspired by both Vinyasa and Baptiste Yoga. Since completing his certification, Matt has taught Buti Yoga all across Maryland’s Eastern Shore and Delaware. He currently resides in Ocean City, MD where he teaches Buti Yoga weekly. Aside from yoga, Matt graduated with his undergraduate degree in Agricultural Education from West Virginia University and will complete his Master in Science from the University of Arkansas in May. Matt works currently as a teacher where his passion for yoga flows into the hearts of his students. Matt encourages self-empowerment, love and acceptance every day. Now let’s unroll those mats, and shake our asanas!

Stay tuned for Matt’s next Buti Yoga offering!