Massage Therapist, Sabitri Baker LMT

profile picAs a massage therapist with a background as a transplant RN, I offer a unique blend of traditional medical training along with a vast variety of complementary healing modalities in an attempt to heal others.  This enables me to create a safe and comforting environment addressing sessions on a spectrum aimed at pure relaxation theraputic holistic therapy that can include the medical, rehabilitative and emotional needs of my clients.  

Blending my background in education, bodywork, and counseling, I call my style of work integrative bodywork.  I believe that learning through and from our body gives us essential grounding and self awareness needed for lasting transformation.

Modalities include but not limited to: swedish, deep tissue, sports, himalayan hot stones, reflexology, prenatal, medical massage.  All sessions are customized based on the need of the client at that time.

I make a commitment to giving you the best in me through my skills and specialties that complement  benefits to you.  My energy, enthusiasm and philosophy are directed to meet your needs and bring you beyond “just” being.  I invite you to experience a part of the healing circle to improve your quality of life.

All sessions by appointments.

Sabitri has magical hands and coupled with her expert skills and serene approach I would highly recommend her!
I am so grateful ESY has partnered with Sabitri to offer massages and reflexology. Sabitri got rid of my muscle pains and headache and left me feeling like I was walking on air. I don’t usually treat myself to massages, but I will now!

Customized massage sessions:

30 min $45.00
60 min $75.00
90 min $100.00
(additional 15.00 for himalayan hot stones when available)

Sabitri Baker LMT