Usha Garuda Workshop with Jena, Saturday, October 28

[Usha is a Vedic Goddess who brings in the light and drives away darkness. Garuda is a massive Golden bird divinity who devours evil.]

 Come into your light and fly!!! 

In this workshop you will learn meditative movements combined with breathing techniques to help you connect your mind to your body, freeing your will, and allowing your spirit to shine through! Jena has combined Pilates, Garuda, Chi Gung, meditation, creative visualization, and energy healing to create this new, fun, liberating healing form.

 The first part of this workshop consists of breathing and movements combined with meditation and sound, as well as strengthening and lengthening Pilates and Garuda exercises. This helps you to release fear, balance your heart and mind, create strength, and get grounded in your body. You will receive information about your body and its imbalances. You then use your awareness to create more relaxation in your movements, letting go of old stuck energy and non helpful co-contractions. This helps you to learn how to engage the appropriate muscles for their appropriate functions.

During the second part, Jena will assist each person to discover the root cause of their dis-ease or tension and provide healing guided movements, accompanied with sound and light meditations. We will then come back together as a group for more movement meditation and a circle of sharing.

Bring a journal, a pen, a water bottle, and an open heart!